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Bitcoin transformed my life - we help you transform yours

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Bitcoin allowed me to move to a tropical country

Together with a friend, I did my first peer-to-peer Bitcoin transaction in 2016 and I was amazed by its ingeniousness. However, the nuts and bolts were a mystery to me, so I started studying it and haven't stopped yet. My Bitcoin investment allowed me to leave my 9-to-5 job, move to a tropical country, and fulfill my dream of studying cryptocurrencies full-time.

Our teaching is based on first-hand experience, as we personally test and live by everything we recommend. We continuously research and learn, avoiding mere theorizing, and remember the overwhelming feeling of starting in crypto and investing for life-changing wealth. Our empathic approach enables us to effectively teach you, helping you connect the puzzle pieces of knowledge you already possess. Let us guide you in transforming your life successfully with Bitcoin.

Bridging crypto tech challenges with user-centric insight

My transition into crypto is based on a decade of professional trading experience including nine-figure portfolio management and specialised software implementations. I have always worked at the intersection where complex software meets users, gaining a deep understanding of the challenges posed when users are exposed to new technology.

Transforming curiosity into competence

Especially in the crypto space, competence can only result from firsthand experience over long periods of time. Learning about crypto demands cycles of trying and studying; the rabbit hole has endless junctions. I spent countless hours conducting actual transactions, testing exchanges, investing in projects, evaluating trading strategies, utilizing various wallets, running full nodes, finding and taking high-quality courses, and most importantly, spending time with experts in chats and webinars to learn from their invaluable insights.

Why is crypto self-education so frustrating?

Cryptocurrency represents the deepest rabbit hole ever created, intertwining elements of computer science, economics, finance, regulation, and sociology. Many attempt to piece together this complex puzzle through YouTube videos or books, but this approach can be frustrating, time-consuming, and even misleading. Neither videos, books, nor other sources can effectively help you connect your already existing knowledge to a bigger picture.

How to overcome the crypto trust paradox

The revolutionary potential of cryptocurrencies lies in their capacity to function as a trustless system. However, buying, transacting, and storing cryptocurrencies have become increasingly complex processes. Despite efforts to make the experience more user-friendly, the growing number of differing approaches only serves to amplify user confusion. The gap between trustless applications and the increasingly confused user is larger than ever. Clever marketing people are capitalizing on this and manipulating users into their sales funnels. Trustworthy sources for crypto education do exist, but they are hard to find. Moreover, many users are overwhelmed with deciding which sources to trust and which to disregard. Our mission is to provide a trusted source of education and support you on your crypto journey for more security, privacy and prosperity.

How we help you unlock your full crypto potential

A personal dialogue with a crypto professional is a fast, effective, and enjoyable way to learn and develop your own crypto success story. At the heart of our unique coaching process lies an empathetic and personalized approach that distinctly sets us apart from others. We meet you at eye level to build up your knowledge, enabling you to easily achieve your crypto goals. Success in crypto also involves adopting a particular mindset, one that allows you to filter out market noise and transition from a consumer to an investor.

Achieve crypto competence, confidence and prosperity

We will never tell you what to do; our aim is to give you the confidence and knowledge to make the best crypto decisions for your personal journey. Especially when you start investing larger sums, self-custody, security, and privacy demand a high level of responsibility, and we love to support you in becoming your own bank in cyberspace. Satoshi's vision was not only to provide a peer-to-peer cash system but also to offer a secure basis for long-term wealth storage.

Proof of Continuous Learning

Crypto, the Never-Ending Study.

Introduction to Digital Currencies (MOOC) - 2019 University of Nicosia
Introduction to Bitcoin and Open Blockchains - 2020 Andreas Antonopoulos
Choose Your Crypto Wallet - 2020 Andreas Antonopoulos
Inheritance Planning for Cryptoassets - 2021 Andreas Antonopoulos
Decentralized Finance (MOOC) - 2022 University of Nicosia
Decentralized Finance Laboratory Course - 2022 University of Nicosia & EMURGO Academy
NFT-Metaverse Course - 2022 University of Nicosia & Punk 6529
Generative Art NFT Certificate by Digital Art Visionary Punk6529 "NextGen" Toolkit
Certificate of presence at the inaugural season of "The Memes by 6529" - 2022 Opensea
Path to Self-Custody & Security (bundle) - 2023 Andreas Antonopoulos
Accelerating Coaching and Counselling through e-Tools and innovative Training - 2023 ACCEnT
The G.R.O.W. Coaching Model - 2023 udemy
Introduction to Digital Currencies (MOOC) - 2023 University of Nicosia

Our Free Services to Earn Your Trust

Cryptocurrencies are designed as trustless systems, yet accessing reliable information has become an arduous challenge. Allow us to be your trusted guide, empowering you on your journey towards crypto confidence and competence.

  Free Self-Custody Evaluation
We will assess your self-custody strategy, identify risks to your seed phrase, and offer custom recommendations to maximize your setup's security and asset protection.

  Receive Your First Crypto Transaction
We help you setup your first crypto wallet in minutes and send you a small amount for free. You will be amazed how easy and quick cryptocurrency transactions work. Enjoy becoming your own bank in minutes!

 Ask Us Anything
Our promise is to really answer your crypto questions to your level of understanding and not just raise new ones. Just send us your question and give some context to your level of crypto knowledge.

 Free Wallet Security Evaluation
How safe are your coins in your wallet really? We evaluate your personal wallet situation and give you feedback about your level of privacy and security and how to increase it.

 Crypto Buying Support
Buying crypto seems easy these days. However, choosing the right app, exchange, wallet and purchasing strategy can save you a lot of effort and money. We help you streamline your investment journey including privacy and securtiy matters.

 Free Portfolio Evaluation
You already own a crypto portfolio and want to start managing this more professionally. We evaluate your holdings and help you develop a strategy moving forward. Also we will make suggestions to strengthen security and increase privacy.

Free 30 Minute Crypto Orientation Call

A dialog is the best way to explore crypto and answer questions. We are happy to offer you one free 30 minute orientation call to get to know each other and plan your crypto journey. No strings attached.

Why Choose Us?

Our coaching stands apart from the rest, as we employ a deeply empathetic approach that allows us to meet you at your skill level.

We understand

how overwhelming and complex cryptocurrencies can seem when people enter the world of crypto.

We answer

your questions to your level of competence, avoiding frustrating technical language.

We coach

you to explore your personal crypto story and provide guidance to help you achieve your goals.

We empower

you with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed decisions and thrive in the world of crypto.

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