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Investing into cryptocurrencies for life-changing wealth is still possible.
However, many investors encounter challenges and often suffer losses. The promise of substantial, long-term gains and the advantages of self-custody are often overshadowed by misleading marketing practices. A majority fall into consumer behavior rather than investment strategies. Achieving success is fundamentally about separating genuine opportunities from the noise and relying on trustworthy sources.
Our Independent Crypto Coaching provides a behind-the-scenes look at the crypto market. We share advanced strategies for successfully navigating its complexities. It's not about rocket science, but about understanding key insights. Learn the secrets of private and secure crypto investing with us, and remain consistently ahead of the crowd.

Mastering self-custody is the first step towards financial freedom.

The second step is to shift your mindset from a consumer to an investor.

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Our Free Services to Earn Your Trust

Cryptocurrencies are designed as trustless systems, yet accessing reliable information has become an arduous challenge. Allow us to be your trusted guide, empowering you on your journey towards crypto confidence and competence.

  Free Self-Custody Evaluation
We will assess your self-custody strategy, identify risks to your seed phrase, and offer custom recommendations to maximize your setup's security and asset protection.

  Receive Your First Crypto Transaction
We help you setup your first crypto wallet in minutes and send you a small amount for free. You will be amazed how easy and quick cryptocurrency transactions work. Enjoy becoming your own bank in minutes!

 Ask Us Anything
Our promise is to really answer your crypto questions to your level of understanding and not just raise new ones. Just send us your question and give some context to your level of crypto knowledge.

 Free Wallet Security Evaluation
How safe are your coins in your wallet really? We evaluate your personal wallet situation and give you feedback about your level of privacy and security and how to increase it.

 Crypto Buying Support
Buying crypto seems easy these days. However, choosing the right app, exchange, wallet and purchasing strategy can save you a lot of effort and money. We help you streamline your investment journey including privacy and securtiy matters.

 Free Portfolio Evaluation
You already own a crypto portfolio and want to start managing this more professionally. We evaluate your holdings and help you develop a strategy moving forward. Also we will make suggestions to strengthen security and increase privacy.



Not if, it's already happening.


[Hyperbitcoinization: The meteoric rise of Bitcoin as the leading global asset, ledger and flourishing on-chain economy, driven by the migration of capital from lesser assets to Bitcoin due to its superior security and decentralization, further amplified by the network effect.]

Bitcoin has been declared dead hundreds of times.

Bitcoin is a revolution concealed in misconception

code snipped of Bitcoin Genesis Block

For the first time in history, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies allow the peer-to-peer exchange of value based only on an internet connection. Some call it the internet of money. The revolutionary part in this new network is the removal of the so called middleman. Until now we were all dependent on a bank or payment provider to allow transacting and abide by their rules. Bitcoin allows us to become our own bank and transact without rules.

Satoshi Nakamoto actually referenced a news article in the code of the first Bitcoin block to emphasize the untrustworthy banking system: “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.” Satoshis vision was to give back monetary power to the people. For example he once stated: "The root problem with conventional currency is all the trust that's required to make it work. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust. Banks must be trusted to hold our money and transfer it electronically, but they lend it out in waves of credit bubbles with barely a fraction in reserve."

1. Removing the Middleman
Did you know, that the Knights Templar created our banking system? Pilgrims would deposit funds with the Templars and, in exchange, receive a letter of credit. During their journey, they could present this letter at different Templar establishments to withdraw funds. This made travel safer and more convenient. This system has evolved into the modern banking system. The revolution brought about by Bitcoin is that it enables trust between two unrelated parties over an untrusted network. Instead of asking your bank to make a transfer, people can now transfer funds peer-to-peer. About 21%, or 1.7 billion people, have no access to a bank account. Bitcoin operates on a permissionless network, which anyone can join.
2. Hedge against fiat based assets
Inflation makes people poorer by eroding the purchasing power of fiat money. As prices rise, the same amount of money buys fewer goods and services. Wages and savings generally don't keep pace with inflation, so individuals effectively have less real income and wealth. Jameson Lopp puts it in one beautiful sentence: "There is no guarantee that the value of bitcoin will continue going up. However, you can be sure that the value of fiat will continue going down." [X] Dan Held takes it even a step further by stating: "Bitcoin is the best hedge against all of the chaos happening in the world today." [X]
3. Transforming internet and finance
The invention of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is on a much higher level as the rise of personal computers in 1975 and the internet in 1993. Cryptocurrencies transform the internet into Web3 characterized by the decentralization of data and services. With Web3, users have greater control over their own data, and peer-to-peer interactions are more prominent. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have revolutionized finance by creating a decentralized, transparent, and efficient transaction system. Economically, they enable quicker, cheaper transactions and stimulate growth. Societally, they democratize financial access and provide stability in regions with unstable currencies.
4. The ultimate network effect
Bitcoin is so unstoppable, because it's based on four key stakeholders: consumers transacting with Bitcoin, merchants accepting Bitcoin, miners running systems to process transactions and uphold the distributed trust network, and developers creating innovative products and services on top of Bitcoin. All these stakeholders enhance Bitcoin's overall value, with developers playing a crucial role in pushing the boundaries of what's possible with Bitcoin and contributing to its further growth.
5. Truly limited supply
There are approximately 19 million bitcoins in existence, with a maximum limit of 21 million that can ever be mined. Additionally, it is estimated that between 3 and 4 million bitcoins are lost forever. One might wonder what would happen if corrupt developers altered the code to create more bitcoins. Satoshi Nakamoto designed the system so that this could not be done easily. The total amount of bitcoins is not represented as a fixed number in the code; rather, the number of bitcoins released is a part of each mined block, and this decreases over time. If developers and miners were to disagree on changes to the code, the blockchain would fork into two chains - one representing the original system and another reflecting the changes. Such a 'Bitcoin war' has already been witnessed when Bitcoin split into Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.
6. Ultra secure technology
Bitcoin is highly secure primarily due to its cryptographic foundation, which relies on SHA-256 (a very robust cryptographic hash function) for mining and creating addresses, ensuring a high level of data integrity and security. Additionally, it employs Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) to generate private and public keys, providing a secure way to sign transactions and establish ownership. Bitcoin operates on a decentralized network using a consensus mechanism called Proof of Work, making it resistant to malicious attacks as altering transaction data would require an overwhelming amount of computational power to override the consensus of the network. Furthermore, its protocol's transparency and open-source nature allow for continuous scrutiny and improvement by the global community of developers, enhancing its security posture over time. Lastly, Bitcoin's immutable ledger, the blockchain, ensures that once a transaction is recorded, it cannot be altered or deleted, providing a trustworthy and verifiable record of transactions.

"Bitcoin is a bank in cyberspace, run by incorruptible software, offering a global, affordable, simple, & secure savings account to billions of people that don’t have the option or desire to run their own hedge fund."

Michael Saylor

Becoming your own bank requires you to master self-custody!

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What is Self-Custody?

Self-custody empowers individuals to take full control and responsibility for the security of their digital assets. Instead of relying on centralized exchanges or online wallets, self custody means managing and securely storing your private keys, which are essential for accessing and controlling your funds. This practice ensures complete ownership and control, eliminating the need to trust external entities with your wealth. Self custody offers an unprecedented level of security and unconfiscatability, safeguarding your wealth from the actions or decisions of third parties.

The Key Problem

Hiding values effectively while maintaining easy access has been a challenge for people for centuries. Every solution involves a trade-off between the risk of theft and the risk of loss. People often weigh these risks incorrectly, failing to realize they are unknowingly accepting hidden risks. State-of-the-art cryptography, as used in cryptocurrency wallets, offers a never-before-seen opportunity to perfectly hide digital assets. However, people believe they can achieve higher security with more complex backups, whereas simplicity is actually the key for a reliable backup solution.

Case Study: Pirates!

Pirates used to hide their wealth on remote islands, as it was the best-known way to minimize the risk of theft. However, the risk of loss was substantial, as physically returning to the island was often challenging. To mitigate this risk, pirates would create elaborate treasure maps and bury their loot, adding an extra layer of secrecy. These maps would be passed down through generations, creating legends of hidden riches that still captivate treasure hunters today. This historical example highlights the enduring struggle of balancing accessibility and security when it comes to safeguarding one's assets.

"Key" Problem Solved

A seed, or more precisely, a mnemonic phrase, is the most well-known solution to the key problem - creating a concealed account seemingly out of thin air, much like a perfectly hidden island for safeguarding your wealth. However, speaking in pirate terms, even if you had such a perfect island, many individuals often lack the knowledge of how to effectively balance the risks associated with storing and using a seed in conjunction with a wallet and the internet.

Self-Custody and Privacy

Since Bitcoin operates on a transparent blockchain, you should also consider learning about privacy coins. Monero (XMR) is an established privacy coin that is highly secure, efficient, and liquid, making it suitable for exchanging value in private. Pirate Chain (ARRR) is a newcomer in the privacy coin arena and distinguishes itself with state-of-the-art encryption technology and a dedicated, freedom-loving community. We proudly support Monero and Pirate Chain and are a listed merchant on ARRRmada.com.

Master Self-Custody

Self-custody can be overwhelming, and that is the main reason so many people leave their coins on central exchanges. The solution is our unique interactive "self-custody" email course. We break down all the steps into manageable lessons for each week, including an action that you perform during the week. There will be plenty of questions along the way, but don't worry; we are available to answer individual questions each week. At the end of the course, you will be confident and proud to finally move your funds from a central exchange to your own self-custody hardware wallet. Learn more


Email-Based Crypto Self-Custody Course

★ no prior crypto knowledge neccessary ★
★ our learning material is consequent non-technical ★
★ manageable, weekly tasks - only a few hours every week ★
★ receive conveniently by email and just reply for individual support ★
★ unlimited access to private community of like-minded self-custody learners ★

Our unparalleled approach, which combines self-guided learning with personalized support exactly when you need it, is the key to achieving self-custody with confidence in just a few weeks.

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Why Choose Us?

Our coaching stands apart from the rest, as we employ a deeply empathetic approach that allows us to meet you at your skill level.

We understand

how overwhelming and complex cryptocurrencies can seem when people enter the world of crypto.

We answer

your questions to your level of competence, avoiding frustrating technical language.

We coach

you to explore your personal crypto story and provide guidance to help you achieve your goals.

We empower

you with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed decisions and thrive in the world of crypto.

Our Free Services to Earn Your Trust

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Very professional, qualified and individual counselling. In this 2 hour counselling interview, I learned more about the essentials of crypto, and especially Bitcoin, than in days of online research. [...] I feel well advised and will definitely use the service more often in the near future.

— Oliver M.

I had a crypto interview and I was quite impressed about their knowledge and interesting advice. They helped me a lot with their professionalism and I will consider them for future advisory. Great service I highly recommend

— Johannes K.

I was helped a lot to avoid scams and how to properly buy and secure my crypto. Especially i have greately appreciated his help in dealing with the right exchanges and get good buy prices. I recommend him to all i know.

— Blerim M.

Got lot of gains from his advices and everything goes smooth when u have someone to advice you in new things like crypto and u are a beginer.

— Fairy T.

Great service. Patient with me as a client. I do recommend it and will surely be coming back!

— Valery

About Us

Independent and unbiased education to empower better crypto decisions.

Tropical Move

With a friend, I did my first Bitcoin transaction in 2016 and was amazed by its cleverness, though the details were unclear to me. As I studied it and my Bitcoin investment grew, I left my 9-to-5 job, moved to a tropical country, and now study cryptocurrencies full-time.

Crypto Mastery

In the crypto realm, competence comes from hands-on experience; I've refined my skills through engaging in transactions, exploring exchanges, assessing trading strategies, utilizing various wallets, and learning from experts in webinars and chats.

Crypto Empowerment

Consulting with a crypto professional speeds up your learning, making your crypto journey enjoyable and effective. Our empathetic coaching meets you at eye level, providing the knowledge and mindset to transition from consumer to investor.

Unlocking Success

We help build confidence and knowledge for smart crypto decisions as investments grow. Handling self-custody, security, and privacy is crucial; we excel at helping you become your own secure bank in cyberspace, aligning with Satoshi's long-term wealth preservation vision.

Free 30 Minute Crypto Orientation Call

A dialog is the best way to explore crypto and answer questions. We are happy to offer you one free 30 minute orientation call to get to know each other and plan your crypto journey. No strings attached.

Our Services

With us, turning your crypto puzzle pieces into a complete picture becomes an exciting and enjoyable journey.

Understanding Bitcoin

You still don't fully understand how Bitcoin works and why it is such a revolutionary new technology? We explain you what is going on under the hood.

Choose Your Wallet

There is not one perfect wallet, but there is a wallet that suits your needs perfectly. Together, we will explore the available wallet options in terms of ease of use, security, and privacy.

Buying Crypto

Despite endless opportunities for buying crypto online, the range in terms of fees, convenience and privacy varies a lot. We help you find the best buying option that fits your needs.

NFT Ecosystem

We help you dive into the diverse world of non-fungable tokens. Why not receive your first NFT that we showcase in your own free virtual gallery inside an open metaverse?


The trustless component in cryptocurrencies allows for staking your coins from inside your own wallet. We help you setup your first decentralized staking portfolio and explain the details.

International Transactions

Cryptocurrencies can easily be transported across borders, however converting from crypto to fiat and vice versa abroad can be challenging. We explore strategies how to stay liquid.

Decentralized Finance (DEFI)

Bitcoin allows you to become your own swiss bank, DEFI allows you to become a market maker. We help you understand the risks and opportunities in this innovative market.

Crypto & Privacy

Governments don't like private cryptocurrencies and make it constantly harder to buy and sell those. Learn how to legally minimise your online exposure and transact with maximum privacy.

Lightning Network

Learn the nuts and bolts of the lightning network. We also help you explore opportunities for implementing your own channels and payment gateways.

Trading Coaching

Successful trading for profit in the crypto markets is one of the most interesting but also challenging adventures. We help you get more professional and profitable by enhancing your skills around mindset, order management, technical analysis and risk management.

Running a Full-Node

If you want to increase your privacy in Bitcoin transactions, running your onw full-node is one way to achieve this. We guide you on your way setting up your own full-node for Bitcoin or other coins.


Most victims of cyber incidents do not even understand how the attack happened. Protecting yourself against attacks needs pro-active learning. Once you learn the patterns and psychological tricks used, you will be much better protected.

Operational Security

Owning crypto makes you a target and the bigger your portfolio, the bigger the target. Learn how to manage your crypto footprint and minimise the risk of being personally attacked.

Payment Gateways

If you run your own business and want to start getting paid in crypto, we help you explore different opportunities for setting up a payment gateway that suits your needs.

Heritage Planning

Unfortunately, we have no control over how long we will walk the earth. You might want to make sure that your portfolio can be transitioned convenient to your bereaved and without any losses of funds.

Crypto Transaction: Don't trust, verify.


Crypto Coaching: Don't trust, challenge us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Building trust is our mission, and we strive to strengthen it with every conversation.

How come you offer free services and are they really free?
We want to offer you the opportunity to build trust and decide for yourself if you find us competent and helpful for your request. Our services are free for a certain time. However, at some stage, we encourage you to book one of our coaching offers.
Are you just one more self-proclaimed crypto expert?
No, neither do we call ourselves crypto experts, nor do we have answers to all questions. The crypto rabbit hole has become so big and is evolving so fast that no human could ever keep up with everything. However, our constant exposure to the crypto market for over eight years has given us a deep and intuitive understanding of the ecosystem and its economic, technical, and social dependencies.
Can you help me with any crypto coaching request?
No, before we accept you as a paying client, we will discuss and agree on your goals, expectations, and the time planned to reach them. If the request exceeds our competence, we will openly admit it and recommend another service that better suits your needs.
Crypto language seems very confusing at times and I am afraid it is all Greek to me.
Our success as crypto coaches is based on our emphatic approach. We are able to explain even complex matters on your specific level of understanding. This enables you to connect your already existent knowledge to a bigger picture.
I just cannot afford the fees for a coaching session or a course.
We might be able to offer you a special price depending on your circumstances. Please get in touch and we will find a solution.
Do you offer my favorite communication platform and style?
Yes, we offer all major platforms to communicate and you can choose between video call, audio call or live chat. We also offer calls to landline or mobile phones worldwide in HD audio.
Can I get a refund if I don't like your service?
Yes, if you are unhappy with our service we will instantly refund you. Please communicate your concerns as soon as possible and we will find a solution. However, depending on the time already spent, we might not provide a full refund. A refund after the coaching session has ended will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.
Are you trying to sell me any other products or services except yours?
No. Our aim is to provide you the most unbiased and independent information available. One of the biggest trust issues in the crypto market is information provided for "free", that has the only intent to push you into a sales funnel. Our mission is to be your trusted source of information without any hidden motives.
I do have another concern, that is not addressed here.
Please send us a short message and we will address it as best as possible.

Test your knowledge on crypto security to find out how vulnerable you are.

Learning about crypto should be fun instead of frustrating.

With us, you'll joyfully connect the crypto puzzle pieces you already know into a beautiful picture.

What does a typical coaching process look like?

1. Schedule a call and choose platform and communication style (video, call or chat).

2. Send us information about your skill level and your question or problem.

3. During the call or chat, we first listen carefully without judgement.

4. We then agree on a goal to reach and determine the time frame.

5. Let's talk crypto and boost your learning curve.

6. Together, we review the process and decide if the goal was reached.

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