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your path to crypto success

Personal and unbiased crypto expertise.

coach sitting in an online meeting consulting a client

Achieve crypto competence and confidence in little time.

Dive into the world of cryptocurrency with us to accelerate your learning curve. Our approach begins by listening carefully to understand your needs, followed by setting a clear goal and timeframe. After the actual coaching, we'll review the process together, ensuring that your objectives are met and your understanding of your crypto goals is significantly enhanced.

Are you overwhelmed by complexity and technical jargon?

We guide you through the complexities of cryptocurrency, empowering life-changing decisions.

Wallets offer many features, but which ones suit your needs?

The choice of wallets is vast, but how do you find one that is very secure yet not too complex to operate?

What are the key requirements for secure crypto storage?

What are the best practices for securely storing your crypto while still ensuring easy access?

Are you aware of all risks involved in crypto?

Not knowing what you don't know is the biggest risk in crypto and can lead to a total and very surprising loss.

Our unique approach: Engaging in empathetic dialogue at your level of understanding.

Unlock your crypto story with personalized coaching

No prior crypto or technical knowledge required!
Our teaching approach is suited even for people who have no prior knowledge about crypto.
Breaking down complex topics into easy to understand pieces
By dividing the learning material into weekly topics you will have enough time and flexibility to learn at your own pace, digest, reflect or ask questions.
A few hours of coaching can make all the difference for your financial future
You can gain confidence in managing your crypto through our coaching sessions with only a minimal time commitment necessary. The secret to professional growth often involves a cycle of taking action, encountering obstacles, and then receiving support to overcome these challenges. Establishing a regular schedule can significantly enhance your learning process.
Personalized support is the optimal path to rapid progress
Personalized support is the best route to quickly achieve your crypto goals, bridging knowledge gaps without the need for endless video watching. It enables efficient learning tailored to your needs, providing direct insights and guidance to navigate the crypto world effectively and save time.
We respect your privacy and support total anonymous communication
Operational security is paramount; hence, we prioritize your privacy and endorse the use of anonymous communication and payment platforms to safeguard your identity.
We assist you in discovering a wallet that meets your requirements
Everyone claims to know the best wallet, yet no single option suits everyone. We guide you in identifying the features you need based on your personal circumstances and selecting the wallet that will serve you best.
Learn to navigate and master self-custody
Let us help you find a hardware wallet that perfectly matches your needs. We'll guide you through securely setting up your seed phrase and establishing a backup solution customized to your specific circumstances. With our support, confidently move your coins into self-custody.
We help you discover the best crypto buying option for your needs
Despite endless opportunities for buying crypto online, the range in terms of fees, convenience and privacy varies a lot. We help you find the best buying option that fits your needs.
Master Using the Lightning Network
Learn the nuts and bolts of the Lightning Network. We also help you explore opportunities for implementing your own channels and payment gateways.
Discover the perfect payment gateway for your business
We provide expert assistance in navigating the vast landscape of payment gateways, helping you identify and implement the one that best fits your business model and objectives. Our tailored support ensures you choose a solution that optimizes transaction efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness.
We offer white label crypto coaching or customer support for your business
We provide a comprehensive white label crypto coaching and customer support service customized for your business needs. This means you can offer your clients expert crypto advice and support under your own brand, enhancing your value proposition without the overhead of developing these capabilities in-house.

Rated excellent on Trustpilot

Very professional, qualified and individual counselling. In this 2 hour counselling interview, I learned more about the essentials of crypto, and especially Bitcoin, than in days of online research. [...] I feel well advised and will definitely use the service more often in the near future.

— Oliver M.

I had a crypto interview and I was quite impressed about their knowledge and interesting advice. They helped me a lot with their professionalism and I will consider them for future advisory. Great service I highly recommend

— Johannes K.

I was helped a lot to avoid scams and how to properly buy and secure my crypto. Especially i have greately appreciated his help in dealing with the right exchanges and get good buy prices. I recommend him to all i know.

— Blerim M.

Got lot of gains from his advices and everything goes smooth when u have someone to advice you in new things like crypto and u are a beginer.

— Fairy T.

Great service. Patient with me as a client. I do recommend it and will surely be coming back!

— Valery

Crypto Coaching Session

Crypto coaching stands out as a superior method for advancing to the next level in the cryptocurrency world due to its personalized and adaptable nature. Whether you're a beginner looking to grasp the basics or an experienced investor aiming to refine your strategies, coaching sessions tailored to your specific needs can accelerate your learning curve and enhance your understanding significantly. The flexibility in session lengths, ranging from 30-minute introductions to in-depth 8-hour classes, allows for a customized learning experience.

Having a crypto coach offers a significant advantage over the time-consuming and often fragmented process of piecing together knowledge from endless videos or books. A coach provides personalized guidance customized to your specific goals and skill level, ensuring that you receive focused, relevant information and strategies that align with your objectives. This direct, interactive approach accelerates your learning curve by addressing your questions and concerns in real-time, fostering a deeper understanding of complex concepts without the overwhelm of sifting through vast amounts of generic content.

1 - Schedule a call and choose platform and communication style
Scheduling a call with us offers the flexibility to select not only the platform that best suits your comfort and convenience but also the mode of communication - be it video, voice call, or chat. This approach ensures that our interaction aligns with your personal preferences and technological capabilities, making the experience as seamless and effective as possible.
2 - Provide information about your skill level and your question or goal
By providing clear information about your skill level and your question or goal, you help your coach tailor their guidance and support to meet your specific needs effectively. This ensures that your coaching sessions are focused, relevant, and ultimately more beneficial in helping you achieve your objectives in the cryptocurrency space.
3 - During our call or chat, we prioritize active listening without judgment
During our call or chat, our primary focus is on actively listening to you without any form of judgment. This means that we genuinely value your input, concerns, and perspectives, and we strive to create a safe and open space where you feel comfortable expressing yourself.
4 - Agreeing on goals and time frames together
Acquire knowledge about best practices for overall safety in crypto. This includes device management, transaction security, internet safety, and fraud prevention, crucial for maintaining security in all your digital financial transactions.
5 - Let's seriously talk crypto and boost your learning curve
Let's engage in educational conversations about cryptocurrency, where we dive deep into its intricacies and potential opportunities. Through these discussions, we aim to significantly boost your learning curve and empower you with a comprehensive understanding of this dynamic and evolving field.
6 - Together, we assess progress and determine goal achievement
Together, we collaborate to review the progress made towards your goals, analyzing the steps taken and evaluating the outcomes achieved. Through this joint effort, we assess the effectiveness of our strategies and determine whether your objectives have been successfully accomplished.

Unlock your full potential in the crypto world with expert guidance every step of the way.

tailored learning experience
direct access to expertise
accountability and motivation
perfect risk management
learning at eye level

no information overload
no common pitfalls
eliminates lack of direction
no missed opportunities
no fear and uncertainty

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V.I.P. Self-Custody Concierge Service

Our V.I.P. crypto self-custody concierge service simplifies entering the world of self-custody safely and with confidence. We offer personalized, one-on-one assistance to select and properly set up a hardware wallet, including establishing a backup plan. Enjoy unlimited sessions until you're fully comfortable. We also guide you through your first transaction into your new wallet. This service is dedicated to providing you with tailored support to ensure your setup is flawless and to best practice standards.

Opting for a self-custody concierge service offers a significant advantage over the challenging task of navigating through the vast sea of generic information on your own. Our service provides personalized assistance tailored to your unique needs and preferences, ensuring you learn how to manage your digital assets securely and conveniently. In an industry lacking clear-cut best practice standards, we guide you through establishing a professional setup that achieves the ideal balance between safety and usability. This focused, one-on-one approach prevents the risk of inadvertently compromising your security by ensuring your setup maintains an optimal risk balance. It simplifies your learning process, allowing you to bypass the confusion and complexity often faced when trying to piece together fragmented knowledge, making your entry into self-custody both efficient and effective.

1 - Schedule the first strategy planning session
Schedule our first meeting to start planning your self-custody setup journey. This initial session is all about organizing further meetings to structure the entire process.
2 - Provide information about your skill level
By providing clear information about your skill level and your self-custody plan, you help us tailor the best self-custody setup for you that meets your skill level and ensures optimized risk balance.
3 - During our first strategy planning call, we will teach you the basics of self-custody
During our first call, our primary focus is on teaching you the basics of self-custody to build a base.
4 - Agreeing on a self-custody setup that works for you
Let's discuss the details for your self-custody solution comprising of a hardware wallet and a backup solution that fits your needs.
5 - Ordering the hardware
You order your desired hardware which usually does not take longer than a few days. Working with your own hardware items ensures the best and most efficient learning experience.
6 - Together, we set up your self-custody solution step by step
We break down all the steps for setting up your self-custody solution into smaller tasks and methodically achieve one task at a time together.
7 - Transitioning into confident crypto self-custody
During the different calls you will grow and transition into a confident self-custodian. Finally you will be able to move funds into self-custody and feel really in control of your keys.
8 - As long as it takes and beyond
Our service includes as many sessions or communication as you need to learn how to set up and use your self-custody solution. Please be advised that all coaching sessions will be structured, have a certain goal and we also expect your cooperation and progress. We will continue to provide support in a reasonable manner following the completion of our program. For further details please see our terms & conditions.

Establish a self-custody solution that fits your needs with expert guidance every step of the way.

optimized for your situation
direct access to expertise
accountability and motivation
perfect risk management
accelerated learning curve

no information overload
no common pitfalls
no inefficient security practices
no wasted time and resources
no fear and uncertainty

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which cryptocurrencies are covered in your coaching?

Currently, our coaching specializes in Bitcoin, major altcoins and privacy coins like Monero.

Do you promote or sell any products or services to collect referral fees?

No, our goal is to consult you unbiasedly and independently, giving you the ability to grow and make the best decisions. We will never promote or try to sell products for personal gains.

Do I need prior experience with cryptocurrencies?

Not at all! Our coaching is designed to teach you so you understand the bigger picture and transform you from a consumer to an investor.

Do you give advice on when to buy or sell crpytocurrency?

We do not advocate for trading cryptocurrency because, for the majority of people, it may not be suitable and is not a reliable source of income, contrary to what some influencers may suggest to promote their referral links. Instead, we focus on teaching you how professional investors manage risk.

What is your refund policy for coaching sessions?

For cancellations made more than 24 hours before the scheduled session, clients will be refunded their payment minus a 10% cancellation fee of the total amount to cover administrative expenses. For more details, please refer to our Terms & Conditions page.

Can I reschedule my session if I am unable to attend the scheduled appointment?

Sessions can be rescheduled at no extra charge provided that any changes are made at least 24 hours in advance of the originally scheduled time via our contact form or email. For more details, please refer to our Terms & Conditions page.

Can I get to know you before I decide to book a coaching session?

Sure, we offer a free 30 minute orientation call: schedule free call

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept over 300 cryptocurrencies, as well as Lightning and fiat. For payments with Monero or Pirate Chain, we offer a 5% discount.

Do you have additional questions?

Feel free to reach out to us directly via our contact form.

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